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          XH300TJ Strip Stamping Machine

          XH300TJ Strip Stamping Machine
          XH300TJ strip stamping machine works with a special heat transfer medium, which has high heat transfer e ciency and good thermal stability. This machine can satisfy the needs of di erent bronzing process over a wider heating temperature range. The machine also incorporates a digital- displayed and constant-pressured control technique, which is easy and convenient to adjust. The technique can also provide a homogeneous and constant pressure to ensure great bronzing result.
          The machine is easy to connect to other screen-printing machine and convenient to operate. Thus the machine can quickly combine the screen-printing process and the bronzing process, which makes sure that these two processes to be completed for one time. This technique greatly improves the e ciency of printing and printing results.
          Technical Parameter
          Maximum width of feeding Maximum width of bronzing Maximum speed of machinery Maximum outer diameter of unwinding Maximum outer diameter of waste collecting
          300 (mm) 280 (mm) Adaptive host machine 300 (mm) Diameter of
          core barrel 25
          300 (mm) Diameter of
          core barrel 25

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