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          YGR Series Flexo Plate Making Machine

          YGR Series Flexo Plate Making Machine
          Integrating the functions of sensitizing,washing and drying the flexo plate in, this series machine made of stainless steel is advanced and easy to operate.
          Technical Parameter
          Model YGR400 YGR600 YG400 YG600
          Power 220V/2.3kw 200V/2.3kw 220V/1.5kw 200V/1.5kw
          Copying area 420 x 320 (mm) 600 x 400 (mm) 420 x 320 (mm) 600 x 400 (mm)
          Model Vacuum-pumping Exposuring Washing Drying Stickum releasing
          YGR Series

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